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Cinema 4D / BodyPaint 3D
Plugin tools for Maxon's Cinema 4D & BodyPaint 3D.
42 93.9 MB 127289
Sub-category Riptide Pro (commercial)
Enhanced Wavefront .obj Import/Export plugin - commercial plugin with 30-day DEMO period available.
6 14.11 MB 41791
Sub-category I/Ogre (commercial)
I/Ogre is a Game-Oriented DCC Tool plug-in for Cinema 4D, R10.1 or later.
4 13.35 MB 6095
Sub-category Morph Mill (commercial)
Morph Mill is a set of plugins designed to assist in the creation and/or editing of Morph Meshes in MAXON's Cinema 4D.
4 13.91 MB 2977
Sub-category Undertow (commercial)
A commercial plugin (w/30-day DEMO period) designed to assist UV-mapping within BodyPaint3D, with an additional focus on a workflow of using C4D's Symmetry Object during the modelling process.
5 20.13 MB 4426
Sub-category Riptide (free)
Enhanced Wavefront .obj Import/Export plugin - the free version.
3 989.81 kB 36144
Sub-category Additional Cinema 4D plugins (free)
Some additional (free) plugins for various Cinema 4D releases (AddNormals, KyamaSlide, etc.)
11 7.55 MB 18974
Sub-category Archive
Older versions of various plugins (see the categories above for the latest updates).
9 23.9 MB 16882
Various C4D-related flash tutorials.
2 20.19 MB 2078
Various utility applications.
1 291.24 kB 1261
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