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Undertow v2.3 - for C4D R10.111, Mac (32bit only) & PC (32 & 64bit)
Author Keith Young
Author website [url]
Description Undertow is a plugin for BodyPaint 3D / Cinema 4D. It is a collection of 22 commands primarily designed to assist UV-mapping within BodyPaint3D, with an additional focus on a workflow of using C4D's Symmetry Object during the modelling process.

To activate the 30-day Free Trial, enter DEMO as a registration key. Once the trial period is up, you'll need to purchase a license to continue using the plugin. For details and purchasing information, please see the Undertow product page.

This package includes both the PC (32 & 64-bit) and Mac Universal Binary (32-bit only) versions of the plugin for Cinema 4D R10.111.

** Installation Instructions ***

1. download the file using the download link, below.
2. If Cinema4D is running, save your work and shut it down.
3. Copy/Move the .zip file to your C4D "plugins" folder and unzip it there.
4. (re)start Cinema4D

...there are other methods of achieving some of the above steps, depending on your unzip program and your particular normal practices. The point to take from the above is that you should end up with an "Undertow" folder, inside your Cinema4D "plugins" folder.

Once the plugin is installed and Cinema 4D is running again, you can access the full HTML documentation by selecting the Undertow "Help" menu.
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