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PolyMass v1.2 - for Cinema 4D R12.048 or later PC (32bit & 64bit), Mac (universal binary)
Author Keith Young
Author website [url]
Description PolyMass is a Cinema 4D Expression Tag plugin based on some COFFEE code from Darter (David Wickenden), found in this thread.

It parses a user-supplied Vertex Map tag and sets up a user-supplied Polygon Selection tag based on the weights from the Vertex Map tag.

In v1.1, there is now an option to do the opposite (map a Polygon Selection tag to a Vertex Map tag).

In v1.2, the tag's icon now switches, depending on the active mapping mode.

See the included ReadMe.txt file for details.
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Date Tuesday 26 June 2012 - 01:10:40
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