Riptide (free) [ Enhanced Wavefront .obj Import/Export plugin - the free version. ]
Riptide R9.1+ v1.9 - PC, Mac PPC, Mac UB
Author Keith Young
Author website [url]
Description Riptide is a (free) plugin for Cinema 4D to extend it's .obj file import/export capabilities. For more details, see the Riptide page.

NOTE: The free version of Riptide does NOT work with R12 or later - however, Riptide Pro (the commercial version) DOES work and there's a 30-day free-trial mode for that.

This package includes the PC, Mac PowerPC and Universal Binary versions of the plugin for C4D R9.1 or later (up to R11 and possibly R11.5).


1. Copy the zip file into the "Plugins" folder of your C4D installation and unzip it there.
2. A new "Riptide" folder will be created, with everything needed to run the plugin.
3. Restart the C4D application to load the new plugin(s).
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Date Friday 02 May 2008 - 13:05:08
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