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Product Details:

I/Ogre is a Game-Oriented DCC Tool plug-in for Cinema 4D, R10.1 or later, that Imports / Exports static or C4D Joint-rigged and skeletally animated mesh props / figures in multiple game-oriented file formats, including Ogre3D (.mesh and .skeleton), The .smd format files used by VALVe:Source Engine games (both mesh reference and skeletal animation), as well as MilkShape3D binary .ms3d files.

The plug-in reads and writes the text-based .xml versions of the Ogre3D files, but has the option of automatically converting exported files to binary form using an external converter program (the OgreXMLConverter.exe utility that comes with the Ogre3D distribution). For Importing, you must manually convert any binary files to .xml format first (a separate menu option to convert files back and forth is included).

The plug-in also provides new Tags to help organize and define a 'figure' (a joint-rigged and potentially animated character) and to help with splitting up the Cinema 4D time-line into multiple, named animation 'clips' (for the formats that support that). All of the Import modules generate and fill in these new Tags and set up a commonly used structure within the Cinema 4D Object Manager and all of the Export modules parse this same layout and Tags to determine exactly what the user wants exported (and how).

Until now, game asset developers have not had a 'native' path in/out of Cinema 4D and were forced to use some less-specific format for conversion in some other application. I/Ogre helps fill that gap and optimizes your production pipe-line when working with the supported formats, allowing you to Import / Export these formats directly to/from Cinema 4D, as well as easily convert assets from one format to the other (Owners of MilkShape3D also have access to dozens of additional (and mostly game-oriented) formats!).

A 30-day Free Trial version of the plugin is available in the downloads section (just enter DEMO as a license / registration key).


Below is a partial list of plug-in features...

  • Imports/Exports Ogre3D .mesh.xml files
  • Imports/Exports Ogre3D .skeleton.xml files
  • Can convert both to binary format on Export (using external converter program)
  • Imports/Exports VALVe:Source Engine .smd files (both reference and skeletal animation files)
  • Imports/Exports MilkShape3D binary .ms3d files (including skeletal animations)
  • Imports/Exports rigged/weighted figures with skeletal animations
  • Provides Cinema 4D mechanisms to define/preserve Figure and Animation Clip information
  • Has several options for re-orienting the mesh/skeleton axis for use in Ogre3D/MilkShape/Source Engine
  • Auto-sets 32bit indexing and other flags as needed
  • Auto-triangulates meshes (game-oriented formats require trianlges)
  • Auto-splits C4D meshes into submeshes as needed
  • Several additional options for mesh content/format (UVs, Normals, Vertex Buffers, etc.)
  • Mesh and Skeleton scaling
  • Designed to work with Cinema 4D Joint-rigged figures
  • Animation Baking and Key Reduction options on Export (to support IK and other complex animation methods)
  • Unlimited User Presets (for both Import and Export, for each file format)
  • etc.
...to get the full story, you can view the online user documentation, which is also included with the plugin (and accessable through a menu).

As mentioned above, this plugin is is available from the downloads section. Both Mac (32-bit, Universal Binary) and PC (both 32-bit and 64-bit) plugins are included in the archive.
After installation, you will be prompted for a license / registration key. To activate the 30-day Free Trial period, just enter DEMO as a license / registration key.
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IOgre - $40.00 USD Price Reduced! Now only: $25.00 USD

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IOgre - $40.00 USD Price Reduced! Now only: $25.00 USD

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