Undertow - v2.4 Update
 By PropShop Admin on Sunday 16 October 2011 - 05:41:19

The Undertow plugin has been updated to v2.4 and is now available in the downloads section.

Undertow is a suite of 23 tools/commands primarily designed to assist UV-mapping within BodyPaint3D, with an additional focus on a workflow of using C4D's Symmetry Object during the modelling process (see the Undertow Product Page or Online Documentation for full details).


New feature...
  • New Feature: Added a new "UV Texture Template" command. This command will open a dialog to allow you to export uv-template(s) for the selected polygonal mesh, with various options for filtering (based on Material, Group or Region selections), coloring and output dimensions. It outputs files in the following formats...
    • .tiff (includes alpha channel/mask)
    • .psd (includes alpha channel/mask)
    • .png (includes alpha channel/mask - PNG format only available in R11.5 or later builds)
    • .bmp
    • .jpg
...this is (as usual) a free update for all licensed users and a 30-day free trial is available for everyone else (just enter DEMO as a license key).

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 KyamaSlide - v1.3 update
 By PropShop Admin on Sunday 09 October 2011 - 03:21:01

A new version (v1.3) of KyamaSlide is now available in "Additional Cinema 4D plugins (free)" section of the downloads page.

In addition to a few other changes, the following new features have been added...

  • A New "Distance Scale" control (provides finer precision of slide movement)
  • 4 new 'Action' buttons...
    • To Center (Smooth)
    • To Center (Sharp)
    • To Center (Mixed)
    • To Center (Flatten)

...for a list of changes and descriptions of the new features, see the included Readme file.

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 I'm Back
 By PropShop Admin on Thursday 31 March 2011 - 23:50:02

Ok... new drive is in, OS re-installed - I'm "live" again .

I still have a lot of busy-work to do to get fully back up to speed, but I can at least process plugin License Keys / Purchases and answer e-mails again.

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 Computer Trouble
 By PropShop Admin on Tuesday 29 March 2011 - 04:12:50

The system drive on my PC died on me today...
Unfortunately, this means that I may be effectively "shut down" for however long it takes me to get the drive replaced (and OS and all applications re-installed and e-mail and source code and other data recovered, etc..).  Of course I first need to find some 'spare' $$ to get a new drive ordered, but that's another story.
In the meantime, I'm afraid that I can not get to my e-mail and can not send out new plugin license keys until I get up and running again (that's all handled on the PC) - so my apologies if it takes me a few days to respond to any e-mails.
I hope to get back in somewhat working order by the weekend or early next week - thanks for your patience and to all my customers for your support.

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 m3IO v1.123 - new (freeware) plugin for Cinema 4D
 By PropShop Admin on Tuesday 22 March 2011 - 02:52:45

m3IO is a stand-alone version of the "Blizzard .m3 file Import" module now included in my I/Ogre plugin.  It is being distributed as Freeware.

NOTE: If you are a I/Ogre user, you do not need this plugin - I/Ogre includes this functionality as one of it's file-format modules.

Also note that while this plugin has been fairly well tested on the PC (R12, 64bit), it has not been tested extensively (if at all, in some cases) in other configurations (32bit, Mac, etc) - it should be considered BETA / As-Is / use at your own risk.

See the new m3IO Product Page and Online Documentation for additional details.

The plugin can be found in the Additional Cinema 4D plugins (free) category of the downloads section.


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