UV Export bug in Riptide Pro v2.2 for C4D R11.5
 By PropShop Admin on Sunday 13 March 2011 - 03:48:47

As the title says, there is a bug causing UVs to not be exported with the R11.5 version of the plugin that I posted yesterday... For the time-being, I have disabled that download (the R11 & R12 plugins don't have this bug and are still available). I've found and fixed the problem and once I get a chance to do the other builds (32bit/64bit, Mac/PC, etc), I'll post an update.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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 Riptide Pro - v2.2 Update
 By PropShop Admin on Friday 11 March 2011 - 18:42:37

Riptide Pro v2.2 Update is now available in the downloads section. This update was primarily an internal code re-structuring update, but also includes several bug fixes and a few new features...

  • New Feature: UV and Normal compression/optimization is now an user export option - compression is still enabled by default, but it was brought to my attention that certain plugins (tree/shrub-generation, for example) generate UVs that caused my compression code to take an extremely lengthy time to process (on huge files)... this option will let you disable compression, which will greatly speed up exporting, but also greatly increase the resulting .obj file size (basically, a UV vertex is exported for every point of every polygon).

    In the one example I was looking at, ~550,000 UVs were written out (without compression) instead of ~125,000 (with compression) - the resulting output .obj file went from ~13mb to ~25mb - but of course it only took a few seconds to export, instead of a full minute or more that the compression was taking, so choose your poison .
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed memory-leak when Importing with "Split by Group" set.
    • Fixed R12 Vertex-Normal Export bug.
    • Fixed MDD Export scaling issue (a bug that forced a 1000x scaling should now be fixed).
    • Fixed funky file-select dialog initial path issue (folder/sub-folder no longer set as filename-prompt).
  • .mtl file Export changes:
    • Material names now come fom Materials used by Texture Tags instead of restricted Poly Selection Tag names.
    • Transparency channel color now exported (and imported) as 'Tf' record (Transmission Filter) color.
    • No longer exports diffuse color if the Color channel not enabled (except for the 'default' material).
    • New default diffuse color for 'default' material (similar to R12 default color).
    • Better handling of non-standard materials (Material name still used and polys still get assigned, instead of being moved to 'default' material).
    • Added support for my up-coming xAlpha Shader (to get texture filename).
  • Internal restructuring: Some additional internal restructuring (and bullet-proofing) of the code was done to allow me to share (even) more common code between plugins... while most of these changes are internal (and transparent to the user), pretty much the entire plugin has gone through an overhaul at the source-code level.

...note that this update is only for R11, R11.5 & R12 - earlier versions of the plugin were not updated. This is a free update for all licensed users.

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 Known Bugs / Issues
 By PropShop Admin on Thursday 16 December 2010 - 10:59:54

There have been a few bugs/issues reported recently, so I just wanted to list them here so you are aware of them (and possible work-arounds) until I get a chance to publish updated plugin(s)...

Riptide Pro:
  • .mdd file Export (or was it Import?) always scales the file by 1000x - will be fixed in next update.
  • "Export Normals" option (R12 only) - don't use it, it's broke and may crash C4D - will be fixed in next update.

...I want to thank those who took the time to report these bugs - I can't fix it if I don't know it's broke .

I am currently still working on consolidating some common code that many of my plugins use - this makes it much easier to track down issues and maintain the code (and various SDK version compatibility issues), as well as open up some future options for new features.  I don't have a firm timeframe for the next update(s), but possibly next week sometime.

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 R11.5 / R12 Plugin Updates
 By PropShop Admin on Tuesday 09 November 2010 - 11:46:10

R11.5 and R12 specific updates have been posted for most of my plugins in the downloads section.  For the most part, these new builds add no new features - only internal restructuring to help me maintain them going forward.

The one exception is Riptide Pro, on the 64bit Mac, for R11.5 (and possibly the recent R12 v2.0 build)... there was an Export bug in the previous v1.7 release of Riptide Pro on that platform / configuration.  That bug should now be fixed in both the R11.5 and R12 builds.

Plugins updated are:

  • Riptide Pro - v2.1 for R11.5 & R12
  • Morph Mill - v2.1 for R11.5 & R12
  • Undertow - v2.1 for R11.5 & R12 (new)
  • KyamaSlide - v1.2 for R11.5 & R12
  • AddNormals - v2.1 for R11.5 & R12 (now includes 32bit & 64bit for both Mac and PC).


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 Riptide Pro is now available for R12
 By PropShop Admin on Wednesday 03 November 2010 - 17:23:19

The Riptide Pro plugin is now available for R12 in the downloads area.  Note that it requires the R12.028 update (a free update from R12), so if you haven't already done so, you should update your Cinema 4D version.

Aside from the port to R12 (which entailed a massive number of edits), there are no additional changes/features (the plugin was also not updated for other versions of C4D). Due to the number of changes and re-structuring, the version has been updated to the big "2.0", but there are no new features over the v1.7 version.

This is a free update for all licensed users. . As usual, a 30-day free-trial is available to everyone else.

Licensed Users: You will need a new license key to use this plugin... even if you've already done so, please e-mail me your new (permanent) R12 digits (the first 11 digits of your serial number - do not include the 4 sets of 4 characters).  It might take me some time to send out all the new license keys, so you can just use DEMO to activate the 30-day trial until I get back to you. Thanks for your patience.

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