I/Ogre v2.3 Update
 By PropShop Admin on Saturday 19 March 2011 - 05:08:41

After a very long time, the I/Ogre plugin is finally available for Cinema 4D R12 (!).

This update also includes separate builds for R10, R11 & R11.5, so be sure to download the correct version. There was an (un-announced) "v2.2" posted for the past few days, but this update fixes a few things from that version, so if you already downloaded that, you'll want to get this update.


New Features:
  • Added support for my up-coming xAlpha Channel Shader (to get texture filename).
  • Added code to allow mesh/primitive objects within Skeletal Hiearchy.
  • Related to the above, if any mesh within the figure (including within the Skeletal Hiearchy) has no weight tag, the mesh itself is now treated as a bone and the vertices of that mesh are bound to this new bone (all vertices get 1.0 weighting to the bone).

Fixes / mods:
  • Fixed Ogre3D exported animation (scale) key records to be 'absolute' (instead of delta) values.
  • Fixed "missing faces" bug if multiple Texture Tags on same mesh used same Material.
  • Finally fixed UV-Baking to correctly handle offset/scaling from Texture Tag.
  • During Import (at least for Ogre3D .mesh files), the UVWTag is now added first (right-most tag).
  • Changed 'default' Material color value to the blue-grey that R12 uses.


[NOTE: The primary changes for this version were the massive changes required for R11.5 & R12 compatibility. There were several (unpublished) intermediate versions along the course of development towards a working the R11.5 / R12 plugin, but all those changes, fixes and/or additions were back-fitted into the R10+ & (new) R11 builds as well... some of the 'fixes' listed below may or may not be relevent to the previously published v1.5 R10+ version (they may be fixes to one of the intermediate versions), but the changes listed below include all changes since v1.5]

New Features:
  • Added (simplistic) .material file export for Ogre3D.
  • Added support for Maxon License Server.
  • Added new "Figure Normalizer" plugin - to generate mesh-spanning smooth Vertex Normals (see the Revision History section of the included .pdf file for brief docs)
  • Added new (BETA / as-is) "Blizzard .m3 file Import" module. [NOTE: The .m3 Import module is being included as a bonus/as-is feature - There are no current plans to develop a .m3 'Export' module. While it's had fairly extensive testing on the PC (specifically, R12, 64bit), it has not been tested in any other configuration (most specifically, on the Mac).

Fixes / mods:
  • Added support for Ogre3D 'singleton' section records.
  • Fixed 'Animation' Export (R12 only issue?) for all modules.
  • Fixed keyframe Import for .smd files.
  • Fixed restframe Import issue for .smd files.
  • Updated all Import modules to check for and eliminate degenerate triangles.
  • Cleaned up Animation Import for all modules to be more consistant (removed cross-animation contamination).
  • Beefed up Animation Export support for various scaling issues (Ogre3D files now contain 'scale' records).
  • Fixed keyframe bug in all Export modules.
  • Added additional BoneID count checks for .ms3d file Export (limit is 128 'skinned' bones).
  • Bone -> Vertex weight-clamping raised from 1% to 1/10th% to handle additional cases.
  • ....possibly other changes/fixes that I've long-since forgotten .

This is a free update for all licensed users - if you need an updated license key, please send me your updated serial digits and your full name (preferably you should just 'reply' to the first e-mail I sent you).  For all others, you can activate the free 30-day trial by entering DEMO as a license key.

For everyone stealing my plugins - I'd appreciate it if you would re-consider purchasing a valid license from me... the few dollars it takes to do that will literally put food on my table and is much appreciated.


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