Undertow - v2.3 Update
 By PropShop Admin on Monday 21 March 2011 - 01:28:10

The Undertow plugin has been updated to v2.3 and is now available in the downloads section.

Undertow is a suite of 22 tools/commands primarily designed to assist UV-mapping within BodyPaint3D, with an additional focus on a workflow of using C4D's Symmetry Object during the modelling process (see the Undertow Product Page or Online Documentation for full details).


Additional R11.5 / R12 compatibility updates, with a few fixes...

  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug causing the v2.1 R11.5 build to be almost completely useless (relative to any UV modifying)...
    • Number of people who downloaded the v2.1 R11.5 build: about 100
    • Number of people who reported any problems with it: 0 (zero!)... ~shrug~
    • Value of reporting bugs so I can fix them: priceless
  • Bug Fix: Finally fixed UV-Baking ("Bake UVs" command) to correctly handle offset/scaling from Texture Tags.
  • Internal restructuring: Some additional internal restructuring (and bullet-proofing) of the code was done to allow me to share (and maintain) even more common code between plugins. Also back-fitted those changes to earlier versions, so this release includes builds for:
    • R10.1 (also works with R10.5xxx)
    • R11.027
    • R11.532
    • R12.043

...this is (as usual) a free update for all licensed users and a 30-day free trial is available for everyone else (just enter DEMO as a license key).

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