Riptide Pro - v2.6.1 Update
 By PropShop Admin on Monday 05 February 2018 - 16:49:44

The Riptide Pro plugin has been updated to v2.6.1 and is now available in the downloads section.

Riptide Pro is the premier Wavefront .obj (as well as .mdd file) Import/Export plugin for Cinema 4D with many advanced options and user-defined Presets.  See the Riptide Pro Product Page for details.


A bug fix, a feature...
  • Fix:
    • Fixed a bug (likely introduced in v2.6) in the import vertex buffer size(s) - this bug may have been hidden on some platforms/C4D versions and/or with some .obj files (files with >4 sided nGons), but might have been very prominent with the Mac build (and/or files with only triangles and quads), for example.
  • New Feature:
    • A customer brought to my attention a 3d-mapping program called "Altizure". Pretty neat program, but it's output (Levels Of Detail (LOD) made up of many, many .obj/.mtl/.jpg files) have a particular problem - ALL of the output files reference the SAME material name ("obj_0"). The lowest level of detail (LOD0) is just a single set of .obj/.mtl/.jpg files - no problem there. The next level up (LOD1) has 4 sets of those files, so 4 separate materials, using 4 separate textures, but ALL named "obj_0". The highest level of detail (LOD5) has 32x32 (~1024) sets of those files that make up the scene, so you end up with ~1024 materials, using as many different textures, but ALL named "obj_0". The default import options would create a single material and keep replacing the texture in that material with each file imported, so that only the final mesh loaded would have the correct texture...

      Riptide Pro does already provide an option to force new materials to be created ("Always Create New Materials" on the Materials tab), so everything loads fine, but you would still end up with a scene full of same-named materials (which might still be fine, but would definitely screw up any attempt at re-exporting...). This situation would be a nightmare to resolve by hand, so we (finally) get to the new feature...

      When "Always Create New Materials" is enabled, Riptide Pro will now generate unique material names in the scene, along with fixing up all the Texture and related Selection tags on the meshes - yay.

...this is (as usual) a free update for all licensed users and a 30-day free trial is available for everyone else (just enter DEMO as a license key).

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