KyamaSlide updated for R20 (PC only)
 By PropShop Admin on Friday 07 September 2018 - 16:01:22

As mentioned in the top post, all of my plugins need to be updated/ported to Cinema 4D R20.  Due to the relative simplicity of KyamaSlide (which is mostly kept in a single source-code file), I used it as a test-bed for the porting process...

Most of my other plugins use a set of libraries that I've developed over the years, so they are next on the list to get ported - before I can really even do anything with the rest of the plugins, so thanks again in advance for your patience.

Back the the point of this post - there's now a R20 compatible (for the PC, at least) version of the KyamaSlide plugin now available in the "Additional Cinema 4D plugins (free)" downloads section.



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