R12 Plugins, etc.
 By PropShop Admin on Monday 01 November 2010 - 16:46:21

Hi gang... First off, I apologize for such a delay in updates - I've been out of action for a while on personal bussiness (and struggling to make ends meet). With that out of the way, the question of the day seems to be "Does / will your plugins work with R12?".  The quick answer is: Not yet.

The more detailed answer is: "Normally, when Maxon releases a new version, the changes required to plugins are minimal - or even non-existant - so the plugins will either just continue to work or may need a few small changes and a recompile.  With R12, that is not the case... there are a massive number of changes that need to be done throughout the code, just to get it to recompile."

...and I'm talking about litterally hundreds of edits to the source code, just to get it to compile.  Once it compiles cleanly, does not mean that it will still function as intended - so then comes lots of testing and additional changes...

With the above in mind, I can tell you that I now have both Riptide Pro and Morph Mill compiling for R12 - on the PC - and am in the process of testing those two.  Note that I will still need to get them compiled and tested on the Mac.

I do not yet have a release date for either of the above plugins for R12, but those will be the first to be posted and it shouldn't be too much longer (once I have them ready, I will post a message here, as well as CGTalk, Renderosity and C4DCafe, etc.).  Once those are posted, I'll begin work on Undertow and some of the other plugins.

One final note... due to the massive number of changes required, I will NOT be updating the 'free' Riptide for R12 (sorry)... I just do not have the resources to continue updating that plugin.  I will however eventually get around to updating KyamaSlide and maybe a few others.


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