Riptide Pro - v2.2 Update
 By PropShop Admin on Friday 11 March 2011 - 18:42:37

Riptide Pro v2.2 Update is now available in the downloads section. This update was primarily an internal code re-structuring update, but also includes several bug fixes and a few new features...

  • New Feature: UV and Normal compression/optimization is now an user export option - compression is still enabled by default, but it was brought to my attention that certain plugins (tree/shrub-generation, for example) generate UVs that caused my compression code to take an extremely lengthy time to process (on huge files)... this option will let you disable compression, which will greatly speed up exporting, but also greatly increase the resulting .obj file size (basically, a UV vertex is exported for every point of every polygon).

    In the one example I was looking at, ~550,000 UVs were written out (without compression) instead of ~125,000 (with compression) - the resulting output .obj file went from ~13mb to ~25mb - but of course it only took a few seconds to export, instead of a full minute or more that the compression was taking, so choose your poison .
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed memory-leak when Importing with "Split by Group" set.
    • Fixed R12 Vertex-Normal Export bug.
    • Fixed MDD Export scaling issue (a bug that forced a 1000x scaling should now be fixed).
    • Fixed funky file-select dialog initial path issue (folder/sub-folder no longer set as filename-prompt).
  • .mtl file Export changes:
    • Material names now come fom Materials used by Texture Tags instead of restricted Poly Selection Tag names.
    • Transparency channel color now exported (and imported) as 'Tf' record (Transmission Filter) color.
    • No longer exports diffuse color if the Color channel not enabled (except for the 'default' material).
    • New default diffuse color for 'default' material (similar to R12 default color).
    • Better handling of non-standard materials (Material name still used and polys still get assigned, instead of being moved to 'default' material).
    • Added support for my up-coming xAlpha Shader (to get texture filename).
  • Internal restructuring: Some additional internal restructuring (and bullet-proofing) of the code was done to allow me to share (even) more common code between plugins... while most of these changes are internal (and transparent to the user), pretty much the entire plugin has gone through an overhaul at the source-code level.

...note that this update is only for R11, R11.5 & R12 - earlier versions of the plugin were not updated. This is a free update for all licensed users.

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