Riptide Pro - v2.2a Update
 By PropShop Admin on Monday 14 March 2011 - 18:57:56

The R11.5 "UV Export" bug mentioned below has been fixed, so that version of the plugin is available again.

While the bug didn't exist in the R11 or R12 versions of the plugin, I went ahead and rebuilt them as well to incorporate a few other minor changes that got built into the R11.5 fix.  I didn't bother updating the documentation - I simply changed the plugin version from v2.2 to v2.2a and changed the download links to point to the new files.  Minor changes include:

  • Fixed the UV Export bug in the R11.5 version of the plugin.
  • A change to the matrix used when exporting .mdd files - for some reason, I had been using a 'local' instead of 'global' matrix.  This was either a mistake (not particularly likely, in this case) or I had some reasoning behind it that I've since forgotten... but since .obj files are exported using global matrices (transformed world locations for vertices), the .mdd animation data needs to be exported the same way - so now it is.
  • Speaking of .obj files and matrices... I also changed exactly how that matrix is determined - which should now give more correct results IF you are using R12 AND you use the new dual-transform feature (Freeze/Frozen transforms, etc).
  • Some additional internal code changes/cleanup that should not really have any external affect.

...if you are using R11.5 and downloaded the previous file, I'd recommend grabbing the new one.  If you're using R11 or R12 then this update is optional, unless you suspect that you're running into one of the issue listed above.


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