m3IO v1.123 - new (freeware) plugin for Cinema 4D
 By PropShop Admin on Tuesday 22 March 2011 - 02:52:45

m3IO is a stand-alone version of the "Blizzard .m3 file Import" module now included in my I/Ogre plugin.  It is being distributed as Freeware.

NOTE: If you are a I/Ogre user, you do not need this plugin - I/Ogre includes this functionality as one of it's file-format modules.

Also note that while this plugin has been fairly well tested on the PC (R12, 64bit), it has not been tested extensively (if at all, in some cases) in other configurations (32bit, Mac, etc) - it should be considered BETA / As-Is / use at your own risk.

See the new m3IO Product Page and Online Documentation for additional details.

The plugin can be found in the Additional Cinema 4D plugins (free) category of the downloads section.


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