Morph Mill Price Reduction
 By PropShop Admin on Friday 21 October 2011 - 12:29:50

Morph Mill is a set of plugins designed to assist in the creation and/or editing of Morph Meshes in MAXON's Cinema 4D.

This handy plugin is now more affordable than ever with a price reduction to just $25.00 USD!

The plugin includes:

MeshMap - a Tag Plugin to help shape-match / shrinkwrap one mesh onto another, including a feature to help restore the mesh topology when that process gets messy.
UnDeform - a Tag Plugin to help in the creation of Joint-Controlled-Morphs (or Joint-Corrective-Morphs), also known as JCM for short. This plugin is a usefull solution to problems encountered when using Cinema 4D's unwieldy Deformed Editing mode.
Remap Point Order - a Menu Plugin that can be used to re-order the Points/Vertices of one or several mesh(es) to match another.
Split By Group - a Menu Plugin to split a full/welded mesh up into individual body-part group meshes (typically used by Poser for Morph Targets) - while preserving Vertex-Ordering in the process.
Group Tag - the Group Tag is used by the above Split by Group command to identify which polygon selection tags should be considered groups [NOTE: This tag only shows up if you don't already have Riptide or Riptide Pro installed].

See the Morph Mill product page for additional information.

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