News Item: : Morph Mill - v2.4 Update
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Sunday 08 July 2012 - 10:47:46

The Morph Mill plugin has been updated to v2.4 and is now available in the downloads section.

Morph Mill is a set of plugins designed to assist in the creation and/or editing of Morph Meshes in MAXON's Cinema 4D. See the Morph Mill Product Page for details.

New features, a few bug fixes and some significant optimizations...
  • Remap Point Order:
    • Optimized speed by several orders of magnitude! This command was basically gutted and re-written from the ground up with some new algorithms that provide a vastly faster - and more successful - functionality. Where this command used to take minutes (or even tens of minutes) and often failed, it now does it's job in fractions (hundreths) of a second and has a much higher chance of success.
    • In addition to the changes above, the command also tries to correlate polygons within "like-named polygon selection tags" (including Material selections, Group selections, etc) to help avoid "false-hit matches" where polygons can be extremely close ('cornea' polygons over 'eye-white' polygons, for example).
    • Vertices (Points) are now transformed into World Space before comparisons are done.
  • MeshMap:
    • Fixed a memory-leak.
    • Fixed a few other potential memory-leaks (would only happen in failure conditions).
  • Split By Group:
    • Fixed a crash bug that could happen if one of the groups being split was effectively the entire mesh (or within a few polygons).
    • Added "Split by Region" command.
    • Added "Split by Material" command.
    • Added "Split by Connected Polys" command.
    • ...the above new commands also preserve vertex-ordering, but that's probably only needed for the Split by Group (related to creating morphs).
...this is (as usual) a free update for all licensed users and a 30-day free trial is available for everyone else (just enter DEMO as a license key).

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