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Product Details:

Undertow is a BodyPaint 3D / Cinema 4D plugin made up of a collection of 23 commands primarily designed to assist UV-mapping within BodyPaint, with an additional focus on a workflow of using C4D's Symmetry Object during the modelling process.
The plugin is designed to work with R9.6 or later, on both Mac and PC. A 30-day Free Trial version of the plugin is available in the downloads section (just enter DEMO as a license / registration key).
Both original and R10-style icons are included in the package [NOTE: the R9-style icons are no longer included in the R10 and later builds]:
The new commands include:

  • Group Mirror - creates/updates left-hand and right-hand 'Group' Selection Tags
  • Mesh Splitter - creates LeftOfCenter, Center and RightOfCenter Point Selection Tags
  • Selection Symmetry - selects Polygons/Points on the other side of the mesh
  • Set Axis - sets the Mesh Axis to the average center of the selected Points or Polys
  • Bake UVs - consolodates all Texture Tag Projection types and values (scaling, tiling, etc) into a uv-mapping resolved UVWTag.
  • Relax UVs - relaxes the selected UVs based on the related mesh polygon (relative) dimensions and relationships.
  • UV Map Box - an alternate Box uv-mapping
  • UV Map Cylindrical Cap - similar to UVMapper's Cylindrical Cap mapping
  • UV Map Cylinder - an alternate Cylindrical uv-mapping (takes mesh aspect into account)
  • UV Map Sphere - an alternate Sperical uv-mapping
  • UV Aspect Fit - an alternate 'Fit To Canvas' (maintains aspect)
  • UV Tile Fit - a unique command that helps map 'tiled' buildings, etc.
  • UV CenterU - shifts the selected uv-polys to the center of the 0.0->1.0 uv-space
  • UV CenterV - shifts the selected uv-polys to the center of the 0.0->1.0 uv-space
  • UV ShiftU - shifts the selected uv-polys to the left or right edge of the 0.0->1.0 uv-space
  • UV ShiftV - shifts the selected uv-polys to the top or bottom edge of the 0.0->1.0 uv-space
  • UV TileU - shifts the selected uv-polys 'one tile' to the left or right
  • UV TileV - shifts the selected uv-polys 'one tile' up or down
  • UV Symmetry - mirrors uv-mapping (helpfull to fix up collapsed Symmetry Objects)
  • UV Stitcher - stitches gaps in neighboring uv-points/polys
  • UV AlignU - lines up selected uv-points on the U axis
  • UV AlignV - lines up selected uv-points on the V axis
  • UV Texture Template* - provides a dialog for exporting UV-texture-templates (see image, below-right)
[*New in v2.4]
...A few of the commands ( Group Mirror, Mesh Splitter, Selection Symmetry, UV Tile Fit and Set Axis) can be used inside Cinema 4D without owning BodyPaint, but the majority of the commands are designed for use while in BodyPaint's UV Edit mode. A detailed description of the plugin and individual commands is available in the online user documentation. This documentation is also included in the package and is viewable via one of the plugin's menu options.
As mentioned above, this plugin is is available from the downloads section - including a build for R9.6 or later (Mac 32-bit Universal Binary, PC 32 and 64-bit) and a build for R11 or later (Mac 32 and 64-bit Universal Binary, PC 32 and 64-bit).
After installation, you will be prompted for a license / registration key. To activate the 30-day Free Trial period, just enter DEMO as a license / registration key.
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Undertow - $25.00 USD

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Undertow - $25.00 USD

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Additional Info:

There are also some free tutorials in the downloads section that demonstrate some of the tools (more tutorials on the way soon).

Online Undertow User Documentation
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